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Hi Sandy,

After a 5 week trip from december to january I cannot afford this trip! Please let us know any workshop you have on carbon on the east coast in the future!! I can get anywhere on the east coast in one day.


I don't have any group workshops planned on the east coast in the near future. However, I have done numerous two-day carbon workshops at my home in South Carolina with one and two persons so if anyone in my area is interested in that kind of arrangement please contact me. Unfortunately I don't have the darkroom space to handle more than two people at a time. However, it is difficult to schedule because I am still a full-time univeresity professor and the only period of the year when I have a lot of free time on my hands is the summer. Unfortunately the summer is the worst time to do a carbon workshop in South Carolina because of the heat and humidity, and especially the temperarture of the water from the faucet which gets close to 80F in July and August.