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Ian, nobody here is "knocking" Kodak. In order for EK to sell film, they have to make money on both film and digital. I'm not convinced they can. If you go to, look at their digital offerings, thin. They list 8 printers, more than the number of Easy Share cameras listed. Both of those products are swamped by the number of digital picture frames.

The DCS Pro dSLR was one of the very first that carried a FF sensor, the DCS Pro back was for a time the best on a price to performance ratio on the market. I believe that EK dropped the ball on transforming the company into the "digital age". I'm not knocking the company, I just don't believe they can do what they say. It's us film users that have shot Kodak products that suffer from their poor corporate governance. FWIW, all of the boxes in my fridge are yellow (until I can get some Pan-F at least).