The 130–year–old photography pioneer is banking on replacing the hefty profits it once made from film with ink revenue
Well.. people around here can get 4x6 prints for next to nothing. No consumers I know are going to spend a fortune on ink and papers when they can just pop over to a tech store and get 1-3c prints (I think they do this now at a loss just to get people in the stores). I would say around $6 NZ for 200 4x6 prints. In NZ 200 sheets of 4x6 inkjet paper would be over $60 NZ, not sure how much ink is required to print 200 photos.. maybe $40 NZ or more? So Kodak is going to be saved by people choosing to spend $100 or more on a batch of prints vs. $5-7 getting it done at a shop? I suppose they are talking about commercial ink sales but it seems that is a very tough market Epson, HP, Canon..