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Seems like some combination of grad students and ice cubes could solve that problem.

I came across some of your color carbon work online several years ago and found it very beautiful and marvelous. Is that work still online? (The site also had Ernie Thiessen's casein bichromate prints showcased IIRC.)

I'm planning on attending APIS this year in Santa Fe and doing a workshop somewhere/sometime on my trip to/from NM and the Pacific NW this summer. Perhaps I'll see you in Montana.

I haven't checked the PF site yet for details, but will there be any shooting time involved or is it strictly a darkroom workshop?


No, that work is no longer online because the person who operated the site with the gallery dropped it.

There will definitely be an opportunity for making new negatives at the Formulary workshp. The days in Montana in the sumnmer are very, very long and you would have 2-3 hours of daylight before the beginning of class in the morning and after the end of class in the afternoon.

I plan to be at APIS also so will see you there for sure.