Well if it goes ahead, by all means count me in. If there are discussions, I shall try to be there (it would need to be weekends) and I'd generally be in on shared film/chem buys, though I just spent nearly $500 on film at ag-photographic last week so probably need to hold back for a little while.

I am *very* interested in getting E-6 (in the next couple months as I just bought 20 rolls of Velvia/Provia and don't want to pay $10/roll for dev), C-41 and RA-4 (in the next 6-8 months as I would like to move away from the costs of E-6 and be able to print optically) chems so if we can find a way to swing that, I will be all over it. I believe that C-41 and E-6 fixer are identical to B&W fix (ammonium thiosulphate in all cases) and the colour versions are much much cheaper due to being bought in bulk by labs. I will need new fix very soon and was planning on doing that.

Edit: I know a couple of non-APUG darkroom regulars (decades of experience and quite a few exhibitions each) in the hills and will email them a link to this to see if they'd be interested.