I've took the finished film yesterday from the darkroom -- i didn't use plural here, since the first of these... problems who are marketed with the name "film" didn't survive. It actually broke itself to pieces inside the spiral. Oh well, not such a loss, it was full of testshots of lamps and geometric shapes.

I used T-MAX Dev, 1+4 @ 20c for 5 mins, and the results were actually not that flat. I mostly shot contrasty subjects, following Zhenya's advice. A couple of them ended up pretty interesting, and i spent like two or three hours yesterday trying to see what i can make of them. I can tell you this: this is the MOST TIRING FILM i have ever tried printing. The printing times vary a lot and most of the time they are huge, compared to all other Kodak [or not] films i've used...

I may post a couple of the test-prints here, if i find a scanner that actually... scans. Mine doesn't, not anymore!