Well, I decided to give color printing a try and am wondering, is this the kind of filter kit we're talking about for establishing the enlarger filter pack?


And if it is, could someone give a quick run-down of how to use them? I just want to have a rough idea what's ahead of me.

Also, to start I'm going to limited to tray processing. The Tetanol Mono PK kit is usually mentioned as the wey to go for this route, but the Professional PK 5liter kit also allows for processing @ 86 degrees and, after testing, I see I can keep my trays at a consistent temp of up to 90 degrees if I put them on a food warming tray. Might the Professional kit work for me then? It's quite a bit cheaper than the Mono kit.

Oh, I should also note that with for favored photographic subjects absolute color fidelity is NOT critical. But some degree of control and repeatability would be nice, obviously.