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Ahhh yes, Robert - but the capitol is tied up. If I had it in an investment like a real estate protfolio mutial fund, I could be making 15% on that money. - So ... that is 62.50 a month in lost opportunity on the money aaannnnddd .... depreciation. Which occurs on the newer items I have - most of my stuff I bought already depreciated. I figure this hobby costs a few dollars a day without clicking the shutter. (Almost as much as I would spend on consumables if there are no real projects going)
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If you think like that you&#39;ll never buy anything-)) Look on the bright side. The mutual fund might tank and your camera stuff might go up in value. I just spent 30 minutes fixing the stove that somebody managed to break a knob on. One screwdriver and a pair of pliers and I saved myself a service call. Don&#39;t know if that means I can spend money on film.