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Depending on the lens, you might be better off getting a complete working replacement on ebay. Shutters on their own don't appear very often, although two have been sold in the last couple of days. I had my eye on this one --> 140499370363 until the price went silly (in my opinion).
That's actually not a bad price for a late Compur in the UK.

It's worth bearing in mind that even a 1930's (Rimset) Compur can be very reliable and can often be found for very low prices with foggy or scratched lens elements. I've been using a 1931/2 compur 1 shutter with 1950's CZJ Tessar cells for about 4 years now, These older Compurs are far more robust than the later ones or Copals and were around until the 60's. Unlike later Compurs and Copla the size isn't marked so yo need to do some checking, but apart from a few specials they are modern standard sizes & threads etc.