I have gotten to where I am a big fan of E100G mainly because it is so clean scanning. I drumscan most my film at 2000 dpi. With a sharp lens and no sharpening, E100G edge sharpness at 2000 dpi is as good as most digital cameras/files I have seen or used, except for Sigma.

That is a scan you can basically do some very minor work to and print.

That works out to roughly 6x7 at 25mp and it is clean. I shoot a Pentax 67.

Of couse if you want to push it and you have super sharp lenses like on a mamiya 7 or your 6008 you could scan at 3000 dpi, do a bit more work and end up with about 50+ mp, but mostly I dont see a lot of need for going over 2000-2500dpi unless you are going to print really large.

You wont be dissapointed, more likely wowed. For even a bigger wow, shoot 4x5 sometime.

I would agree to keep some sort of digital camera though for snapshots, action shots etc. I still have my dslr (unfortunately broken for now and I am going nuts without it) and a few lenses. Actually I think a perfect combo is a dslr, all around lens like a 18-125 or 18-200 and a 300mm Prime lens. I have a Sigma 18-125 and it stays on my camera 95% of the time.

All that said i think i would trade and pick up a used Dslr later. That sounds like a good trade.

There are a lot of digital and film scans on my pbase site here.


Especially check out this shot and the small crop. This is a E100s 4x5 shot. Slightly cropped, so its more like 3.5 x 4x5.



Crop. This is about 1" x 3/4" of film, scanned at 2000 dpi neated and sharpened.