Deciding what jobs are important for you to do, and which jobs others can do more efficiently, is important. It is really tough to do it all well and efficiently and the tasks don't all pay the same.
Duly noted! I find I spend a lot of time scanning (my lab's scans are nowhere near the quality I'm able to get out of my Epson 4990). But otherwise very little time in the "Develop" module for Lightroom.

Has the niche you want to sell to actually defined that, or is that a guess?
I think the look I go for and the types of environments I shoot in require this approach.

Strobes are fun once you learn how to "bounce".
Oh, I've done a lot of bounce flash with my digital. But slowly, that changed to no flash when I realized I was destroying the mood by letting a mini-lightning strike go from my camera

I will use the flash for reaaaaaly dark times (like neither I or the camera can see anything!) and occasionally for other specific effects. But still prefer the natural light look.