Well, despite his mistakes in choosing a venue for marketing the images (I did wonder why he didn't take them to Sotheby's or Christies, and if he did, why did he not use them), there's no excuse for the auction house to A: abusively mis-handle the prints, and B: make considerable effort to deny the damage and blow off their customer. I would be more inclined to want to hear "the other side" if Ctein was ranting and raving and behaving like a jerk, but instead he took his lumps from his lesson learned and is just writing a caveat emptor for anyone else out there looking to auction artwork. A worthwhile coda to his blog post would be "shop around for auction houses and find one that specializes in selling artwork, and truly understands the market for what you're trying to sell. Oh, and write an insurance policy without such a high deductible. And get a delivery memo agreeing to the condition of the work at the time it is consigned". That would be the prudent thing.