Hi Micheal
You should be able to look into old Kodak manuals for colour printing, I did my first ring around in 1974 and an intern here did his first ring around last week.

A colour ring around is a test pattern that I use to help me , and students learn to colour print.

Basically you make a nuetral print and then do variations to this print using the colour dials of your enlarger. In case of the enlarger I use the yellow and magenta filters are moved and the cyan stays based at zero.

nuetral print. then.
plus 5, 10, and 20 changes to yellow , blue, magenta, green, red and cyan
plus 5 , 10 and 20 changes to yellow red, magenta red, blue cyan, green cyan.
plus 5 , 10 and 20 changes to yellow green, blue magenta.

If you get lost , just make the nuetral print again and start where you left off.
I would pick a negative that has a good nuetral as well as a nice colour range.

this will give you a total of 36 *off* colour prints to the one nuetral print
as well I would do a density shift of the nuetral print plus/minus 5, 10 15%

I then mount these prints around the normal and when printing use the chart as a guide for colour reference. ie if your test print is yellow green, you will find a coresponding print that looks like your test on the chart and you then work backwards and apply the opposite correction that you did to make the chart print.

I find these charts immensely helpful in correcting colour as you will find that usually a colour correction is a combination of colours rather than just one colour.

Micheal I will have Mac send you an email with an attachment of how this thing is to look like as well with the graph that lays out the test pattern, only if you are interested and ready to do this, You will need at least 50 sheets of 5x7 to to this test.pm me with your email if you want to do this.