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(on the possibility of a "Boutique Kodak" spinoff)

I don't think the reasons are "obscured from us"---they've been discussed here frequently. When your infrastructure is scaled for extremely-high-volume production, it's somewhere between "difficult" and "impossible" to ramp down to boutique scale.

Assuming film sales don't stay at a level that justifies continued production at Kodak's scale, it kind of seems like the best outcome is that they spin off their formulae and some of their considerable "secret sauce" knowledge to an operation built from the ground up to run at a smaller scale. I don't know who that would be, though.

I thin most of your analysis is spot-on.

But I don't see anybody who would provide the finance to for this venture when there are already (presumably) "right-sized" competitors such as Ilford, Efke, Adox, etc.

There is, to a small extent, an ability to produce film emulsions using coating technology that is primarily deployed to support microelectronics production (the forthcoming Adox APX films produced by Agfa-Gevaert are an example) - but the emulsion needs to be designed with this coating technology in mind.

EK took a stab at downsizing their film prouction capabilties about 7-8 years ago but their view of the equilibirum size of the market proved too optimistic, I guess.