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Duly noted! I find I spend a lot of time scanning (my lab's scans are nowhere near the quality I'm able to get out of my Epson 4990). But otherwise very little time in the "Develop" module for Lightroom.
That's a lab issue, replace the lab, problem solved.

Jose Villa does a very nice business and provides great quality.

He doesn't scan for himself.

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I think the look I go for and the types of environments I shoot in require this approach.
I can tell that you care, but does your market care?

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Oh, I've done a lot of bounce flash with my digital. But slowly, that changed to no flash when I realized I was destroying the mood by letting a mini-lightning strike go from my camera

I will use the flash for reaaaaaly dark times (like neither I or the camera can see anything!) and occasionally for other specific effects. But still prefer the natural light look.
I'm going to go back to Jose again.

He says that he "directs" most of his shots, very little is candid.

Candids are fun, even great for marketing, but they aren't where the money is, for Jose his signature shots are where the money is.

Weddings are very predictable.

Jose and every other successful wedding shooter has a set of standard shots that they will get at every wedding, normally they don't even need to meter for these shots. Backlit by sun ISO 400 F4 at 400, next.

These "standards" are what the bride was sold, why she might pick you, and what goes in the album.

The other thing that I've found is that at weddings people expect flash.