One way to speed up your wash is to use a 2-bath fixer regimen followed by a soak in hypo clear. Taking this approach you should be able to get your print wash time down to 35-40 minutes or less.

In my home darkroom I use a 16x20 tray and the Kodak siphon as the holding tray with the water flow set very low. After a soak in hypo clear I put my prints in my 12x16 Archival Patterson Washer. I picked this up used in the UK from Mr. CAD and paid about $30.00 for it. It was a pain bringing it back to the US but worth the aggrevation.

For larger prints I use the tray/siphon method.

The 2-bath fixer method ensures complete fixing without the print picking up the nasty bi-products. I bought a bottle of fixer test and you place drop on the border of a test print, no stain and you are OK. Run some control prints to determine you minimum wash time

Hope this helps