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Let's stick to the doom and gloom, I've just tried Four Rollei Retro 400, developed in Rollei RHS, precise timing and temperature and drew out four almost clear strips, Then processed an Ilford Delta 100 in the RHS and all came out good. Two of the Rollei films using a different camera, still almost clear, very faint image. So, went back to my favorite film Ilford HP5, still in RHS developer, and all good negatives.Could be me!! As my previous communication says, I'm returning to my darkroom, but have processed many films before, never almost clear negs.
I have one more Rollei film to go, not sure what else to try, during the last film I increased the time by two minutes but no real improvement.
I do accept that this is part of the fun of this hobby, all digital are perfect but thats why I'm back in the darkroom.
Any information on this film would be very wellcome or I may have to pull out "The Beginners Guide to Photography"
This entire story smells like something went wrong during exposure time. It sounds like the film was underexposed by two stops. The only way for that to happen, except user error, is if the film is actually a 100 ISO film wrongly packaged as as the 400 ISO variant in a 400 ISO canister.

Now that is unlikely too, although manufacturers do screw up once in a while. However, to be sure, could you verify your exposure times next time, and make absolutely sure you are exposing for 400 ISO. In addition, you may wish to have your HP5 run along doing exactly the same exposures at the same F stop / time settings. In addition, shoot one of your supposed Rollei Retro 400 films at 100 ISO setting. If it turns out good after development, I guess you have definite proof you have a wrongly packaged ISO 100 film.