Like many of you I always want to take photographs that have an impact...right?
We think of National Geographic landscapes or photojournalism and then I had a bright idea that appealed to me.

I volunteered with my local animal shelter and rescue group to take some good quality photos of the animals that they have up for adoption! They need to have good photos to show in the local newspapers, pet stores, veterinarian offices etc.

If you think about it your photograph could be the reason someone finds a longterm companion and "TRUE" friend. You could be responsible for saving the life of the animal and bringing joy and companionship to someone.

Yesterday I did my first shoot with the "Walton County Animal Guild" in Walton County, GA. This is my local community. I took photos of about 20 different dogs that are looking for good homes.

I don't know if my creative vision and skill will ever develop to the point that I make awe inspiring fine art photographs...but I may save the life of a great animal and help someone find a great friend.

I hope some of you will get involved in your local communities and uses your knowledge for something other than taking shots of trash cans, fire hydrants, and stop signs.