I don't shoot weddings, but do have a suggestion for you in terms of adverts; most churches have a bulletin of some kind, and they sell low-cost adverts in those, and they are VERY worth pursuing. The local people/church members really do read those, and the fact that you have a business size ad in it will usually mean that you are somewhat "local" and they like to support local companies most of the time. Getting to know the ministers at a few different churches can be good for a few different reasons. For one, the minister then knows you or has met you one-on-one and can suggest you as a photographer - don't underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. The other aspect of getting known by a minister/church is that it's usually "just a few" weddings each year, so you won't be flooded by requests, but you will get requests. Part of getting to know the church members/minister, can include shooting some photos for an event they are having sometime during the year as well.

Just some thoughts.