Well guys - there is generally a give and take in most situations. Not having overall stain to print through could be seen as andvantage as far as contrast goes. I see a positive difference in the middle grey tones - zone 5 through 7 - like sky and chrome and metal with the added overall stain. The overall stain reduces the grainieness. IMHO. I have enough chemicals to mix 10 liters of regular fixer. I could go back and re-test. I have some new lighting I want to try and I also have some zone test negs - undeveloped in a box I could try. I am always seeking for improvements - at this time though, my frontier is probably not in the negatives but in the printing. My negatives 4x5 TRI-X in PMK with TF4 are full and rich and easy to print. It is now a matter of new darkroom skills to interperet my negatives in different ways. - Frank