I love my 4x5 Deluxe! by far, my favorite camera since I shoot with it most often. Those who haven't yet, might want to give a try with some Adox CHS Art 25. Yes, the slow speed film. Yes.. give it a try. You will be amazed. I am not joking. It is very well suited for pinhole work. On my 4x5 in 50mm mode, super bright day in Big Sur, water reflections and high noon sun is about a 5 second exposure. 10 seconds for overcast slightly dimmer. There is very little reciprocity on this film so it starts becoming a faster film in dimmer situations. Compare to the heavy reciprocity of FP4 and HP5 of up to I think it is 5x, Adox CHS Art 25 max is 1.5x on the reciprocity so on sunset photos 2 minutes with the Art 25 is about the same as FP4 and just under the HP5. On top of the reciprocity advantage, you get maximum gray tonal scale, the whole spectrum with great clarity. If you develop with Rodinal at 1:25 you get enough grain to see the hint of it with a grain focusing scope, but you still cannot see any real defined grain. This is enlarged to 11x14 I'm talking. If you develop with the preferred developer Adolux ATM 49, you get absolutely no grain at all. You cannot see an ounce of it anywhere. So, it is a pain in the ass to focus while enlarging but man, the quality of the negs is astounding. The clarity of the gray scale is just unspeakable. I have been enlarging the Art 25 shot in pinhole cameras mainly on Ilford FB Matte. I tried some Kentmere Fineprint the other night and got more clarity than I've ever seen in a pinhole photograph, but I still like the depth and luster or glow of the Ilford FB Matte for pinholes and the Art 25 is a great boon for that if you've got any subtle gradient tones like moving water for instance.