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I do believe that adhesion at the cooling stage may be the problem. Rolling gives better adhesion than weight alone. ... Let us know what you discover.
I've finally found the ideal roller for cooling stage adhesion. I went to Home Despot and looked in the paint roller aisle, and there it was - a cast aluminum, adjustable length paint roller with roller retaining arms on both sides. Using a fairly dense paint applicator roller, the thing does the job without any risk of pressure lines on the print as it's adjustable to 18 inches which perfect for 11x14 or 16x20 prints because it's larger than they are. The actual print roller is softer than hard rubber, and is extremely gentle to the print surface. Also, if it gets dirty or absorbs anything abrasive, just toss it, and buy another. Because it has retaining arms on both sides there is even pressure throughout. So...bingo! I'm happy at last!