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I'll second this. They're not Funky/Hip like Lab X WAS, but they're still trading!!

Tues/Thurs E-6 processing, I think.

The three busybodies that beaver away at PRISM do not have to be funky/hip to be very good — instead, they are all very knowledgeable, productive and attentive in daily dealings. Nearby pros (wedding, commercial) swear by them.
Trust me, I am the original customer from hell, and surprise, surprise, PRISM has managed to please me with (especially) their printing and service. Others in the mists of time have literally been stapled to the wall, tarred and feathered and used as darts practice.

Lab X is indeed gone. Spelt g-o-n-e. Funky, hip grooves are out. Professionalism is in.