Ha ha! I'm glad I found this thread! I'm new to using (and making) a pinhole camera. This is what I ended up using for my pinhole camera :

And the "shutter" which is actually a magnet with a bit of paper on the back so it looks like a license plate :

Here's the image that I got from using Ilford Multigrade RC paper :

It's a bit...not exactly out of focus but extremely soft around the edges and missing some detail. (Not to mention the fact that it's way overexposed - my 3 seconds by counting one-one thousand, ect...).

I then enlarged the nail hole and placed behind it (inside the tin) a bit of black paper with a tiny tiny microscropic pinhole using on my old beading needles (I think it was a .3mm beading needle). This is what happened :

I did three tests just to make sure and they were all consistent.

I can't figure out why 1/2 of the negative is getting too much light but the upper 1/2 is fine. (That dark spot is where I accidentally dripped some Dektol on the paper before immersing it.) I took out the paper and enlarged the main hold just a bit more using a 2cm nail and in the body of the camera I placed a bit of heavy duty tin foil and resprayed the inside black.

I've not yet taken any more test photos yet. I'm just hoping that I fixed the issue with the 1/2 over(?) exposure. I'll load up the truck tomorrow and head out during my lunch hour and take a 1-2 second exposure (if bright) or a 3 second exposure if cloudy.