Hello all,
I'm in Broomfield. Never gone to the local camera club, I expect they are all digital. Been doing photography for only about 3 years, but I've got basic darkroom gear, Durst M601 for doing 35mm and 6x6.

I use Canon AE-1's, the camera I had in 1980 but had to sell. Found a bunch on the bay for a song. I also use a Diana. Love the simplicity of it.

I'm building a couple of 4x5 cameras, a monorail and a field camera.

I know the feeling of being the odd man out, most of the people I know have switched to the dark side. I enjoy the process and, I don't know how else to say it, organic nature of film photography and have for 30 years. Did have an opportunity to see Mark Sink demo wet plate at the Byers-Evans house last fall. Even got my ugly mug on a wet plate! Really has focused my energy on finishing the large format cameras and doing some "alternative process" stuff. The main thing about that little demo of Mark was that I was among a bunch of fellow film photographers. It was really cool to talk with people who share the same passion for film. Never seen so many Leica's in one place!

We'll have to get the Denver group more active. I'd love to meet everyone that has posted.