I have a Calumet 20x24 print washer which I've used for a few years. However this year I've been reading a lot of information on the fact that leaving your prints in running water is not as necessary as I had first been taught.

The new information I've learned is that the prints need the initial wash for a few minutes, then Perma Wash, Hypo Clear, etc then a short wash then soaking. Apparently the fix well leech out of the fiber backing just as well while soaking as in running water. After a while run the water again and then let soak again. This process should only take about half an hour to forty five minutes.

I now use this method in my print washer and save a lot of water, just by alternating running water and soaking.

Also there is a web site that discusses this and tells you how to build an inexpensive washer . It is Then go to "products" then to 'Watersaver Print Wash Kits"


Michael McBlane