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Inkjet printers. Scanners to use with the inkjet printers and "archival inks". If it should go somewhere on the site then maybe there. Other wise not on the site at all.
I don't agree,

we all use scanners to display out work on the internet, and it is a known fact that many use inkjet printers to output..

I of course advocate a full wet darkroom setup, that is why I am putting together a complete new 12' x 18' Lab, but come on!

Somebody asked a legitimate question about Medium Format Cameras and how to attain the best from them....

Sometimes, I think we get a little to far off to one side, he said he shot a digital, but did not even ask one question about it, he was asking about Medium Format Film and Medium Format Film Cameras!

Just my .02....I don't think we should run someone off for that..