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Well, a new analog group has sprung up in Aurora as well. You're not the same group are you - from this thread? I wouldn't guess so as I have not read about any format requirements, though I missed the first meeting. I will definitely be there for the second in about 2 weeks!

Unfortunately, I do not have any large format gear (other than a 4x5 Speed Graphic, but I doubt that would qualify). It's something I'd like to do someday, but I just can't afford the equipment and probably film at this time.

It's great you've done this though! It's what we need to do, group up and share our passions. This self-described one-size-fits-all approach to clubs is great if you fit into their molds

Different group Mike than the one you referenced. This group came about from the Large Format Forum and monitoring posts from people that we have come to know over the years that had geographical proximity. There were two people that had connections with the others directly and indirectly and that is how it got started and so far it has been a terrific experience. We are getting together once a month and February will be our first meeting so I will keep you posted. A small group of six so far has been a perfect size to share print critique and experiences and I do not know how this will evolve but I will keep you posted.