I would like to announce that Mark Osterman and I are working on a new workshop to be held at GEH, probably in September. We are presenting this to you in advance of scheduling it so that we might get an idea of who is interested and what they want. There are basically two options at this time. One is to repeat the previous workshop given the high level of interest expressed after the fact, or we might go on to a workshop on making a Kodabromide / Brovira type enlarging paper.

Baryta Paper

For those of you interested in baryta paper, I am announcing here that Ilford has agreed to produce 1000 sheets of 11x14 baryta paper for people who wish to make coatings on this superb material. It will be available in about 8 - 10 weeks, maybe earlier. The cost is yet to be determined. Thanks Ilford, and thanks Simon Galley.