First "run" with Fuji Crystal Archive paper... so far, so good. It certainly is NOT my favorite Ilfocolor, but not bad - not bad at all. I estimate Fuji is one to one and one-half stops faster (not necessarily "good" - but not a disaster, either). Color balance is somewhat different, less Magenta and Yellow filtration is proper.
Careful with overexposure - overexposure will result in skin having the appearance of a severe sunburn. *Slight* underexposure produces a very good skin tones.

I'd post examples here, but I am past disillusionment as far as using this #$@ machine for ANY color evaluation. I've scanned, manipulated, and tweaked. Printed images from the scanned files have been compared to the original with a Color Densitometer - *very close color balance*. I'll post to the Gallery ... and everything goes down the tubes. "Too green" - again. I wonder ... just how many here DO calibrate their monitors?

Anyway... Fuji looks like a viable substitute for Ilfocolor. Some questions remain - reciprocity characteristics, lot-to-lot and size-to-size uniformity .. temperature/ aging sensitivity before and after processing - a few hundred others.

But - as I've said, so far, so good.