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Hello !
If yes, it is sad,
Well, they are in Insolvency, just like Forte and Ilford were since October. They have too much debt, their banks denied further support.

If they find no new financier, they´ll have to close, and looking at what Tura is doing -just cutting what others produce-, in my opionion they have no chance of surviving.

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because they manufactured the Rollei R3 film....
No, they didn´t They probably cut it into 35mm (not 120 and sheet!) - and even denied every involvment in it.

As we are at it, any news about Forte ? Will they survive ?

Look at what Mirko and J&C announced on the internet (Here, at fotoimpex.de and other places) - they are back in production and will be reevaluated in summer. So far it looks like they are making money, and only this is what counts.