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Again, if my question does not belong on this website, I apologize.
Don't sweat it. Some of the locals get a mite jumpy, but what should matter is the pictures you make.

I use 6x6 because I like the way the film looks -- much better than a digital camera with similar resolution. From there I'm happy to print my FILM NEGATIVE any way I see fit. Wet or dry, both start from the same neg (and sometimes the results have a different feeling, other times not -- but like anything else with photography, applying a "one way is best for all things" approach to ANY part of the process is to replace sensitive seeing with a set of stiffly inarticulate and external rules -- a guarantee of stiff and insensitive photography). Complaints about what you do with your own negs are just so much un-helpful posturing, don't worry about them.

Comments about a tripod are spot-on.

Many commerical labs will digi-print your work anyway. The only way to "protect our purity of essence" is to do it yourself. I like my little Durst 670 color enlarger, they can be had for a song these days and will work for multicontrast papers too.

(Epson 2200 + Harrington Quadtone == pretty decent most of the time for B&W, 2200 for color (Mac driver) == poor green tones IMO)
(Epson 2450 scanner + 6x6 == good SOME of the time, a huge chore to use, poor dmax for transparencies)

[size=1]Ektachrome E100S, handheld (oops), scanned on 2450 just this past week, for this web page[/size]