I will only tell what I use to give you some comparative ideas. I shoot a Hassey 503CW with slide film only. You'll get more in depth responses from other sites on these questions though.

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1. Film scanner vs. Flatbed scanner - My question is: do the latest flatbed scanners by Epson & Canon come close to the performance of a mid-level medium format film scanner?
I currently use an Epson 3200 Photo but I have heard about and seen very good things from the Epson 4870 PRO - this has the calibration software and IT8 target included which makes a big difference. This is the scanner I plan to purchase when I have time to actually shop for it. Hopefully soon. Drum scanners are out of your price range, so to me, the comment about them is moot.

The technology on the Minolta Multi Scan Pro is getting a bit old (2002). Is it still good enough for high quality film scanning?
Don't know.

2. I plan to buy a good used Epson 2200. Is the Epson still considered one of the best printers (quality, life of print, color, etc.)?
Yes, by far. Several digital pros I know swear by it. I have seen results from it that are outstanding. This is the printer I have.

3. Would I be smarter to buy a new iMac G5 or something else?
Buy the very best that you can afford. The files you will scan in will be very big.

4. I would prefer to stay with slide film and I am looking for the best quality film for landscapes and scanning purposes.
I think film choice is irrelevnt for scanning purposes. Pick the best film for the type of photography you do and not whether it 'scans' well - scanning quality is a function of the scanner, not the film.

Regards, Art.