I can tell that you care, but does your market care?
To be honest, I'm not sure as I haven't really marketed myself this way too much yet. But it's the way I'm very passionate about shooting and I know it's what I excel at. Film does justice in creating a look that fits it
I'm hoping that I'll create a certain niche for myself - more documentary with a couple of posed shots. I'm definitely going to try to shoot that way. We'll see
I guess the way I see things is that the market is already flooded with a bazillion "wedding" photographers. I just don't want to be another grain of sand on the beach of photographers, so trying to differentiate my look with very flash-less photography. So far, atleast with my digital, it's worked out.

Speaking of lowlight, I just shot some scanned shots on my Pentax 645 with Ilford Delta 3200 @ 1600 ASA. Wow. I think I found the ultimate low-light beast! LOL

Are you developing at home? If not, how much are you paying?
I have the lab develop. It's about $5.50 + $1.50 for pushing or pulling per roll of C-41 or normal B&W. I then take the roll and spend the evening scanning it. The beauty of my Epson scanner is that it batch scans 35mm (but only two 120 shots at a time. DOH!), so I set the scanner up, let it scan and walk away to do laundry or something.

On a separate note, I just emailed Richard Photo Labs, but I'll have to check on the others. My current lab does decent processing and I just do the scans myself since I find I do a pretty good job extracting all the detail myself. However, would be nice to have someone else do this for me