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Thank you Senjay Sen and frotog. I shoot 35mm. From what you wrote, it seems that you're recommending LT1 and Duggal as long as it's not LF. I see that you like the person in Rochester but I would not trust the mail. Having lost a roll of Kodachrome that I mailed for processing some years ago, I would not mail undeveloped film again.

Do you have an address or telephone number for LT1? I can't find them on a Google search, though I did find Duggal's address.

Thank you
I can understand that you've had a bad experience sending film by mail, but so far I've sent three batches of Kodachrome to Dwayne's and didn't have any problems.

My experience with LTI and LF film has been bad, but I'm sure others must have had good experiences. They have done a good job with 35mm and MF.

I've not had any negative experience with Duggal so far with their processing, scanning is another matter. Also, Duggal is a much larger shop and I don't get the impression that they care much about customers like me who go in once or twice a month with a few rolls / sheets. But they have always been polite.

David already mentioned LTI's website, but here it is again with their street address:

LTI Photographic Services
34 East 30th St
(Between Madison & Park Ave)
New York, NY 10016

They are open Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. They used to be open till 8:00 PM until a few months ago, and that was more convenient for me.