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If I put my questions about medium format in the wrong area, I apologize. All that I am trying to do is improve the quality of my landscape photographs by using medium format film cameras instead of 35mm & dslr cameras. I would love to have a home darkroom, but that is not possible in my house. I can only try to print my own images using the current digital technology. Maybe, I would be better off having a professional lab process & print my images (who would you recommend?). I would rather do my own prints, but would consider using outside prefessional services.

Again, if my question does not belong on this website, I apologize.
My apologies in turn. I've reread my reply and it seems harsh. It wasn't directed at you, it was directed at SatinSnow's dismissal of Mark's legitimate issue concerning the content of your post.

APUG was founded to foster communication about analogue photography techniques, in reaction to the prevalent digitalization on other photo sites. It's a haven from digital by by design. Many APUG members use digital for some percentage of personal or professional work; it's just not where we talk about it.

I think you've made an excellent choice with the Fuji 6x9. You have one of the best combinations of film size, sharp lens, convenience and cost in any one camera. I wish you the best with it. Ultimately, Bjorke is right, it's about the picture.
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