During the last weeks, I received the prints from my other 2 group members:

ccross's statue heads: Love the look of this print, it is grainy, beautifully textured with dramatic composition. It really gives a feel of the place, and makes me want to go travelling immediately.

Paul_c5x4's merry-go-round: Looks like it was shot in the twenties or thirtys, perfect composition! The picture tells a story, and I love how my mind wanders off into many different scenarios when I look at your photo!

I have now received all the lith prints I have been waiting for, and I am stunned by the quality of work I have received. Thank you Tony, Craig and Paul for sharing your vision and passion with me! I am already looking forward to the next round!


I would appreciate to hear from everybody in this exchange if you have already sent/received your prints to make sure that all commitments have been met.


greetings, Chris