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I have the lab develop. It's about $5.50 + $1.50 for pushing or pulling per roll of C-41 or normal B&W. I then take the roll and spend the evening scanning it. The beauty of my Epson scanner is that it batch scans 35mm (but only two 120 shots at a time. DOH!), so I set the scanner up, let it scan and walk away to do laundry or something.
I would seriously consider one of the three labs I mentioned. I think Richard Photo is around $20/roll for dev and scan. They certainly have the reputation for good stuff. NCPS and Precision Camera are about $10-12. NCPS gives back good stuff, 2000x3000 scans at that price with pretty good color. They also have a reasonably fast turnaround. Precision Camera does 4000x6000 scans, but there turnaround seems to be a couple days longer. I've yet to see their scans firsthand. I'm waiting on an order this minute - should get here in a day or two. I suspect they will be good judging by other results I've seen.

With the basic scans out of the way, you can always tweak a couple or rescan ones that you think need it, but the bulk of the work would be done. Seems to be worth it for around $5/roll extra.