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I'm not terribly experienced in LF, but you will need some type of darkroom or a dark bag/box to load and unload your film holders.

Also, I find a focusing aid useful, I just use a magnifying glass right now. Some type of dark cloth to eliminate glare while you are composing and focusing - many use a dark sweatshirt or jacket that is large enough to pull up over your head and camera.
Oh i forgot to say that i have a changing bag which i use to load my 120 films for developing, i think i will use it for large format sheets, but just if i unload the film to send it for developing [as i don't have a tank for 4x5] how can i save it or store it without damaging it until i can send it to the lab?

I really don't know where or how to use that focusing screen or loupe, i heard others told me about it but i still don't understand where on my LF to use it and how, and i have one loupe i bought came with a cleaning kit Visible Dust, is it fine to be used or i should get different one?

About the dark cloth, well, i thought about it but i thought i don't need it as must to start to shoot one sheet even, but if i need it to make it right then i will see what i have [blanket, head cover,...] until i can buy something else for it.

The problem is that i don't have a good tripod for it yet [i have Gitzo tripods which are overkill but without any plate for the camera], so i am not sure the Manfrotto tripod i have will be sturdy enough for something [i have 190XProB with 804RC2 head].