I *almost* have the light leak fixed. *almost* I'm still trying to get the whole leak - and I'm using electricians tape right now. It seems to be working. The nail hole has a bit of tin foil behind it, covered for the most part, again, with electricians tape. *rolls eyes* My husband suggested duct tape but our local store doesn't carry any black duct tape. I made the pinhole with one of my sewing needles - so the picture is more clear and less soft looking. As for the uneven development, I tried out five tests and it did the same thing each time...so back to a very dark room with a flashlight! My kids think I'm nuts. (Wait...I am...but I'm not telling them that.)

As for the truck, thanks! I didn't realize I had it until I was cleaning out the basement one day.

There it is in the negative form - a 15 second exposure. I think some of that is just shadow from my front porch...and some of it may still be a light leak. I've another test or two to run just in case. The pinhole is still too big I think.

And a view of the newer, but still too big pinhole. :/ (That's one of my bjd's discovering the truck is now a camera. I've a photo shoot planned in the future of him taking a picture with it, me taking a picture with my old Brownie 2A and the two of us having our picture taken with my digital on a tripod!)

Thanks for the link and the reply! I appreciate all the help I can get because even though I took Photog. 101 in college (20 years ago), I'm just now getting back into my darkroom mode. I prefer working in darkroom (okay, the bathroom in the basement). No enlarger, yet. I'm hoping that maybe I can talk my husband into ordering one for me here in a few months.