My husband advises me that my old Brownie is medium format (with a 2.5 x 4.5 negative). I found her (yes, my Brownie is a she) at a junk shop for under $15. I probably spent too much but she is in working condition and all her parts are there. Nothing missing.

So, if I'm in the wrong part of the forum, please tell me...because I've either used a 35mm Pentax (K1000) or my old Minolta X370. Anything other than my point and shoot digital (Sony H7) is pretty much new to me (except for an old Helioflex I found for $5...which I had to take apart and fix).

I did mention I have a camera addiction, right?

I cut down an 8x10 sheet of Ilford multigrade rc paper and used a bit of tape to hold it in the camera (until I can figure out something for a film holder - or figure out how to get 120 film in there as 127 is too small - as I have a couple of rolls of THAT for yet ANOTHER Brownie ).

So, I was having some fun with one of my ball joint dolls, just to see if I knew what I was doing. (Sometimes, I think I do. Other times, I have to stop and ask for directions because I'm completely lost.)

My model as the cats won't sit still long enough...nor will my kids unless I want a photograph of yet another hand. (I've quite the collection of hand photographs.)

I was rather happy with the results.

Anyway...if this is the wrong spot, please let me know where the old Brownie fits in around the forum.