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Yep. Welcome to the place where no one ever says you're silly for buying another old (junky) camera. Kinda' fond of them myself. Keep buying, fixing and shooting, Susan. Soon the rest of the family will be wondering if you'll ever get back to the time when your purchases were just $15.
Junk schmunk. If it will work with a small bit of tinkering, then it's not junk. It's a well-loved baby!

The family wonders why I spend more on the dolls than I do my cameras. I told them to wait...just wait. I'm just wishing I could have talked my husband into letting me have the $200 for the old Eastman Kodak bellows camera I saw at an antique shop. It looked like one of the ones from the 1930s...only big, not able to hold easily in your hand when it was folded. There was a smaller one there, too, fit pretty well in my hand, about the size of a decent paperback...just a bit taller. I was dancing around when I saw both of them. I *really* should have bought the smaller one as it was quite a bit less expensive ($30). I'm still kicking myself over that one.