Yar, I'm in Canada. I didn't really think about the HST and all the other stuff. Definitely would cost quite a bit to ship, but seeing as how I've been shipping camera parts to the USA, I'm pretty used to it . Thanks for the headsup, though. I'll definitely keep it in mind.

I just got an email back from Richard Photo Labs and looks like they have some international clientel! I'll have to give them a shot and see what the costs are.

I've investigated a few scanning options, but I've only found my local lab (Custom Color - Vancouver) to do the best job. All others have had complaints, or the price for scanning is the same... in which case, it's just more worth it for me to do it myself. Or get a V700 and batch scan.

Just FYI/reality check, the documentary style with just a few posed shots has been the dominant marketing style for years now.
Duly noted. I had that in mind, so I'm hoping my images show more than just "less posed shots and more candids"... More artsy, meaningful, impactful, emotional, etc.