hmmmmm, it sounds that the process of loading, shooting, unloading sheets not that difficult, but as beginning i may see it difficult, i watched a short vid. clip on youtube about how to load/unload film, and i understand that process but i just want to be so careful i don't miss things up, i don't have much sheets to waste as 120 rolls, and i will just use 1 holder for both sides as test, if it worked then i will shoot normal forever, if there is something wrong then i have to check everything to see where i did the mistake.

I am going to order a new large format this time, i was going to test my Speed Graphic or Crown Graphic first, but i think i have to wait and order that new large format as it will come as a kit and including most necessary things [lens on board, cloth, cable release, holders,...], my Speed and Crown Graphic are old so i am not sure if i need to lubricate something or clean something or calibrate something, so i better use a new large format then when i know how it works i can try that old Graphic bodies.

So from the comments first i have to compose the shot, then set the settings [Av, TV,..] and then put the holder then shoot?!!! about the movements i really would like to learn about it, i want to buy books but buying books is not easy for me as i live in this country in middle east and i have to order those books online as i did before and this process will take long time maybe over 2-3 weeks, and it is expensive to buy one or 2 book as the shipping maybe more than the price of 1-2 books, but can't i try it without any movements or say slightly movements as a test [such as one front tilt and swing]?