Real photography is with a P/S, as with my mother's Brownie, still have some of the pictures going back to the 1950's, retired lady with a great Hawaiian sunset, with a 35mm P/S, a grandmother of her granddaughter in a field of flowers with a 110. These last two I seen while working in a one hour photo shop years ago.
Yes I do have digital cameras, backs turned off, using the real viewfinder, and several 35mm SLRs and P/S, my Minolta Hi-Matic can out do the digitals, and for normal photos can not tell from the SLRs photos, the SLR's are better when going for the art side of photography, negs are in a box, can find them when I want. Just getting back to darkroom myself. Learn the craft, and learn to enjoy other peoples photos as well.
Learn good photo habits, they will serve you for life. Mark