Your cameras can be shot handheld.
You need a dark place to load & unload your film holders. If there isn't a room you can make dark(bathrooms are usually good for this) a changing bag works nicely.
If you don't have a light meter, using "sunny 16" works.
With the pop up shade on the back of your cameras, you may not need a dark cloth, but a sweat shirt or heavy jacket can be used in its place in case you do.
You may or may not need a cable release to fire the shutter.
A loupe or magnifier of some type would be nice for fine focusing on the ground glass.

Useful resources:
A copy of Steve Simmons Using the View Camera is worth having.
A copy of Morgan and Lester's Graphic Graflex Photography book will help you get all the performance that was built into these cameras.
Also check out the articles & forum at:

Have fun!