Since one formula states the dye is "unbekannt" or unknown, and another formula for a different paper specifically states Erythrosine and gives the exact amount and dilution, I have only suspicions that they are using Erythrosine in Brovira. It is certain to me that Brovira is sensitized though, by some means.

It is also clear that the formulas give in Glafkides omits two items. They are, the dye that is unbekannt and the overcoat with its materials for matting, gloss and keeping. In some formulas, the stabilizer is actually in the emulsion. In any case, it is omitted. This is all according to my notes on Brovira.

But then, I have seen 2 or 3 versions of these. One is in the BIOS reports and the other is in the FIAT reports. The third comes from derivative sources some posted here including Glafkides. Since the third sources seem mostly sins of omission so to speak, I think that is what they are. The types from the original reports do differ though and this has been reported elsewhere.