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Welcome Susan, it's nice to know there are other addicts out there. First it's the 6x4.5 neg; then the 6x6; pretty soon you find even 6x9 is not enough and you start looking at the 4x5's -- sounds like you're on the edge......
I'll head back out to my favorite antique shop/junk shop and see what they have in the way of large format cameras. I just have no light box or enlarger at the moment...and the enlarger will be a long time coming since I just got a scanner (35mm only and 11 x 14 prints). I'm surfing the net right now to figure out how to make a light box so I can at the very least get contact prints.

To be honest, I'd LOVE to have a camera that accepts 11x14. (My husband really thinks I'm insane. )