Trying to pare down on things I have multiples of and really won't ever break... so here's an absolutely gorgeous, complete Nikor 4x5 tank - of course it can also be adjusted to develop smaller size cut sheets too. This lets you develop 4x5 just like you do your roll films, with the daylight fill lid, the ability to do whatever inversion regimen you prefer, etc.

Holds up to 12 sheets of the same size at a time. Comes complete with the often-missing retaining strap. Original, matched lid and cap so everything fits properly. I don't think you're going to find a shinier one of these out there. It's been used, but never abused or put away gunky.

I'm asking $175, including shipping to anywhere on the planet (Mars is extra). I take Paypal, or just about any form of payment that turns into money in my hands.