Hi again
Since you didn't even try to talk me out of the Bronica SQ-Ai
I bought it with the 80mm and the 150mm. I used to carry my Yashica 124G with my Nikon outfit since it didn't ad much to the bulk. things have changed so I ask you all: what and how much do you take along on your trips ? both 35mm and MF ? I'd like to take both so I can shoot slides with my nikon an B&W with my Zenzei. I carry the lot in a Lowe Pro Rover AW which is not at all satisfactory.
Should I choose what to shoot before each trip or could you recommend another solution ? Lowe Pro or Tamrac

Regards Søren

PS I am getting the first chromes back today. I couldn't resist but had to try a couple of slidefilms in it.